Professor Charles Coombes

Tackling drug-resistant breast cancer

Professor Coombes is a world-leading breast cancer expert at Imperial College London and director of the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre. He and his team are investigating molecules in breast cancer cells to find out how some breast cancers become resistant to hormone therapies.

By understanding why breast cancers can stop responding to these treatments, Professor Coombes will use this knowledge to develop and test new breast cancer drugs. This kind of research is urgently needed to give thousands of women whose breast cancer stops responding to hormone therapies more options and more tomorrows.

On top of this project, Professor Coombes is working with Professors Christofer Toumazou and Jacqueline shaw to develop a simple blood test that can help monitor breast cancer. In the future, this could spot early signs that the disease is returning and guide decisions in the clinic, making treatment more personal. 

Listen to an interview with Professor Coombes talking about how he and his team are developing new treatments for breast cancer here.

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