Professor Awen Gallimore

Can special blood vessels in tumours boost immunotherapy?

Based at Cardiff University, Professor Awen Gallimore’s research focuses on immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is an exciting field as it works by ‘waking up’ a patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells.

Professor Gallimore is researching a special type of blood vessel called High Endothelial Venules (HEVs). HEVs usually carry immune cells to certain areas of the body to help train them to fight infections. Along with her lab team, Professor Gallimore is finding out if these special blood vessels can help cancer-fighting immune cells get into tumours more effectively.

A better understanding of how and where HEVs grow in tumours, and how they work with the immune system could lead to new ways of combining immunotherapy treatments with therapies that encourage these blood vessels to grow, helping fight cancer.


All cancer types

Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales.