Professor Anthony Chalmers

Testing a new combination of brain tumour therapies

Professor Anthony Chalmers is a cancer specialist based at the University of Glasgow. He and his team are working on improving treatments for people with a fast-growing type of brain tumour called glioblastoma.

Professor Chalmers is leading clinical trials that are testing different combinations of radiotherapy and drugs, to try and find better ways to treat this disease. This includes combining radiotherapy and temozolomide with a targeted therapy called a ‘PARP inhibitor’.

Brain tumour research is one of our top priorities as progress has been slow and patients urgently need new treatment options. As part of our commitment to tackling hard-to-treat cancers we’ve boosted our funding into brain tumour research, and clinical trials like these are a vital way of testing new and combination treatments to help more patients survive this disease.


Brain (and spinal cord) tumours
Clinical trials

University of Glasgow, Glasgow