Dr Simon Crabb

Finding new ways to tackle cancer drug resistance

Based at the University of Southampton, Dr Simon Crabb is using his expertise to help improve treatment for bladder cancer and prostate cancer that has spread. Through both lab work and clinical trials, Dr Crabb is working to tackle drug resistance in these cancers so that more people can survive their disease.

For many people with cancer, drugs can initially be effective at controlling the disease but stop working when the tumour cells become resistant to their effects. Dr Crabb’s work focuses on finding ways to overcome or even reverse this resistance through a variety of approaches.

For example, he’s testing out experimental new drugs on cells in a dish that work in a different way to the drugs currently used for prostate cancer, and running early clinical trials looking at potential new combinations of drugs.

Dr Crabb’s work is centred on two types of cancer, but if the chemotherapy combinations are proven to be successful, they may also improve treatment for a number of different cancers.


Bladder cancer
Prostate cancer
Cancer biology
Clinical trials

Somers Cancer Research Building, Southampton General Hospital