Dr Erik Sahai

Tracking cancer as it spreads

Dr Erik Sahai heads up the Tumour Cell Biology lab at the Francis Crick Institute. He and his team are studying how cancer spreads through the body – a process known as metastasis. Most deaths from cancer are caused by the disease spreading, so understanding what happens is vital if we’re to save more lives in the future.

Cancer spreads when cells break away from a tumour and travel through the bloodstream or lymphatic vessels in search of new places to settles and grow. But only a few of the billions of cancer cells in a tumour make this journey, so studying metastasis is a bit like finding a moving needle in a very large haystack.

Dr Sahai is using cutting-edge microscopy techniques to study cancer cells as they move, uncovering clues about the mysteries of cancer cell spread. His research will open new doors to finding ways to stop cancer in its tracks and improve survival for patients.

Watch this video to find out more about Dr Sahai's work on how breast cancer cells spread:


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