Investing in clinical trials research in Leeds

Clinical trials research in Leeds


Doctors and scientists at Leeds have received a major boost from CRUK for pioneering work with cancer at the CRUK Leeds Clinical Trials Unit, which will allow doctors and scientists to continue researching and testing better and kinder treatments for patients.

This unit will focus on two main areas – patients who are treated with radiotherapy or have cancers of the blood – giving them more access to innovative treatments by significantly increasing the number of clinical trials.

It is one of eight Cancer Research UK clinical trials units (CTUs) in the UK. They specialise in the design, delivery and analysis of trials that bring the latest scientific developments to patients across the UK.

Professor Julia Brown, who will lead the new CTU, said: “We are delighted and very proud that Leeds has been given this investment by CRUK, which will allow us to pursue an ambitious scientific research programme at a much faster rate.

“Our aim is to improve cancer survival Clinical trials are vital to finding new, effective treatments for cancer patients.

“The money from CRUK will build on the strong track record our clinical trials team already has in identifying innovative and effective treatments in radiotherapy, in particular for brain, lung and rectal cancers, and for blood cancers such as myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia."

Every year, approximately 30,500 people are diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire and the Humber.  Leeds Cancer Centre, one of the largest cancer hospitals in Europe, diagnoses and treats cancer patients from Leeds and the Yorkshire region and has an international reputation for leading and conducting cancer trials.