Together we will beat cancer


Cancer Research UK and Small Luxury Hotels

Small Luxury Hotels has been working with Cancer Research UK for several years. The company holds a diverse collection of over 500 hotels in more than 80 countries and chose to support Cancer Research UK as part of their Corporate Charity Partnership Initiative. Cancer Research UK devised a strategy for Small Luxury Hotels to give charitably and receive bespoke marketing.

Small Luxury Hotels kindly give: A donation of night stays to be used at mutually agreed upon events within Cancer Research UK’s programme of events. Agreement to engage with the charity on Small Luxury Hotel’s social media channels where possible in the lead up to and post events.

Marketing benefits: Small Luxury Hotels will receive logo/image placement on all printed materials for each event. They will receive access to tickets for at least one event per year. A Small Luxury Hotel video will be played (where possible) at all events where the donation is used to promote the auction package. Small Luxury Hotels logo will feature on Special Events prize donation website.

Prize money raised: In the last 18 months alone, the donations from Small Luxury Hotels has raised more than £75,000.