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What’s the clinical research nurse advisory group? 

Cancer Research UK’s new clinical research nurse advisory group will help make sure activities, content and resources as part of the Excellence in Research Programme continue to meet the professional and educational needs of research nurse peers.

We are looking for clinical research nurses working with patients on clinical cancer trials, from all backgrounds, working in different clinical settings across the UK, and of all levels of experience.

What does being part of the clinical research nurse advisory group involve? 

You’ll be asked to comment and feedback on different areas of the Excellence in Research Programme and Cancer Research UK’s work with research nurses. Examples of the type of things you’ll be asked to provide your valuable insight and feedback on include:
  • Updates and plans on how we’re developing the Excellence in Research Programme
  • Specific programme resources and activities at development, implementation and/or evaluation stage 
  • Current and ongoing challenges of research nursing and the clinical cancer trial landscape
  • Development needs of research nurses working on clinical cancer trials
Feedback will normally be requested via email. There’ll be an initial face-to-face meeting in February/March 2019 which will be an opportunity for you to meet other members of the advisory group. The group will run for 12 months with a review of membership at the end of this period.

What experience and skills do I need? 

  • You’re a research nurse who is currently/has recently been/will be working with patients on clinical cancer trials 
  • Keen interest in shaping the future of the Excellence in Research Programme and the work Cancer Research UK does with clinical research nurses
  • Able to apply your research nursing knowledge and experience when giving feedback

Why should I get involved? 

Represent other research nurses working on cancer trials, and enrich the programme’s activities, content and resources.

Have your say on how we can best design, develop and share these to support best you and your peers’ professional development needs.

Input on how we can support a community of research nurses to share best practice, knowledge and experience of working on clinical cancer trials.

Questions about the role?

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