How to donate your pre-loved items

How to donate pre loved items

Donate your quality, pre-loved items or buy from our shops and online marketplaces.

When your donated pre-loved items are sold in our stores or on our online marketplace, you help keep products in use for longer making more use of the energy and resources used to make them.


Find your nearest shop        


Drop off your pre-loved items to your local CRUK shop ​

You could help us to make your donations go further by easily dropping your bags and boxes into your nearest shop. Please call in advance so that our teams can be ready to receive your donations or direct you to a nearby shop with a larger capacity to support you. You can locate your nearest shop here 

Our shops and superstores are always in need of good quality donations:​

 Clothing & Footwear
 Jewellery & Accessories​
 Homeware & Kitchenware​
 Antiques & Collectables​
 Furniture & Electricals (in select shops and superstores)​

Occasionally there may be situations where we aren’t able to accept items from certain categories such as Books & Media, which is at the discretion of the driver. ​

We appreciate all donations, but we are unable to accept items which we cannot sell and would require us to pay for disposal. ​

This includes anything dirty, damaged or with missing parts.

If you can't drop off your donations to your local shop, then you can use the options below. ​

Home collection​

If you would like to donate 25 or more bags and live within a 20-mile radius of one of our shops, we can collect them for you. We can only collect fewer than this if you are also donating furniture.  ​

Business or Corporate Partner collection ​

If you would like to donate 25+ bags or 1+ pallets, we can collect them for you. We can only collect fewer than 25 bags if you are also donating furniture. ​

If you are donating furniture, click the link below. 


Corporate collections

If you would like to donate 25 bags or more, furniture, or pallets of stock, we can collect them for you. 

If you have a smaller number of high-value items, please get in touch via the email icon below.

Email us