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Working with you gives us invaluable insights that can help develop our work, accelerate our progress and save lives. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an activity that interests you. We regularly update this page, so please come again to visit soon.

The latest involvement activities you can take part in 

You'll need to be aged 18+ to take part in most of our opportunities. Any opportunities available for aged 16+ will be highlighted on the information page.

Help co-develop Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in Research Data

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The Research Data Strategy team would like to co-develop a plan to involve and engage people affected by cancer and the public in our work around research data. Together, we will decide who to involve, how we involve them and what people will be doing.

What resources do you need to take part in patient and public involvement

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Public Engagement in Data Research Initiative want to understand the needs of members of the public. Tell them what tools and resources are helpful for you to take part in public involvement.

Survey - How chemotherapy affects your sense of touch

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University of Birmingham psychologists invite you to complete an online survey to tell them how your sense of touch has changed after chemotherapy. The results will help understanding how chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) develops and is experienced by patients.

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Survey - Help improve chemotherapy treatment cancer care

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Have you received or supported someone though chemotherapy treatment? 52 North Health want to hear about your experiences in this short online survey.

Online workshop - How patients access scientific research

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Researchers funded by CRUK RadNet City of London are looking for patients with radiotherapy experience to take part in an online workshop to share views about what you think are the most accessible and interesting ways to share research with other cancer patients… from journal papers to Youtube videos!

Panel member - Join our Cancer Awareness in the Workplace advisory panel

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Our Cancer Awareness in the Workplace Panel helps us raise awareness of early diagnosis and prevention among workforces across the UK. Join our panel and help empower employees across the UK to take positive action for their health.

Survey - How do other illnesses affect cancer survival?

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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are researching which long-term illnesses have the biggest impact on cancer patients. help researchers understand which cancer patients are more vulnerable when having long-term illnesses.

Help push the boundaries of research in cancers affecting children and young people

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VIVO Biobank is the UK’s leading research resource dedicated to storing samples and data of cancers affecting children and young people. Join their new dedicated patient and public Involvement (PPI) working group and use your experience to help push the boundaries of this research and to influence all aspects Biobank’s work. (Directs to an external page)

Survey - Taste perception in cancer patients

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Help researchers understand how dietary habits and food preferences vary among cancer patients. Your input will help provide practical recommendations to patients and their families to maintain the pleasure of eating. You will also help to influence the development of food or meals tailored to the perception and preferences of cancer patients.

Panel member - Help shape the future of genomics

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Help bring the views of NHS users, family members and carers to the forefront of all Central and South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance activities. You will work closely with members of the Alliance to develop and improve the service.

Online interview - Cancer care during a global pandemic

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Help researchers at UCL better understand the impact of COVID-19 on people with cancer, in order to provide better support in future.

Workshop - Shape research in fertility after childhood or adolescent cancers

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The researchers at Kings College would like people affected by male childhood /adolescent cancer to help them understand how fertility is affected following treatment for childhood cancer and develop methods to preserve testicular tissue. 

NHS - Public and patient engagement opportunities

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NHS Digital want to hear from as many people as possible, with differing opinions, experiences, and backgrounds, to help shape the conversation about how GP patient information (also known as GP data) is used, as part of the GP Data for Planning and Research Programme. (The link below is to an external webpage)

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