Anthony, Shine volunteer

"I wanted to do something different with my Saturday evening,” he said. “I liked the idea of getting out and meeting new people without having a massive hangover on Sunday morning!

"The idea of helping people who have given so much time and effort to a worthy cause was also very appealing and most important."

What he did

Ant volunteered within the arrivals area at the event. He worked closely with other members of team and loved the sense of camaraderie and achievement.
"All of the other volunteers were really friendly and welcoming and I felt like part of a team very quickly and we worked together to get things done.

"There certainly is a sense of achievement when you realise just how many people you have set off on their adventure round London!

"You understand just how much volunteers are needed to help run and support the event, and although I felt tired at the end of the night, I felt like I’d truly helped and was appreciated for my efforts; that was a great feeling".

Anthony’s volunteering highlights

Being a night time event, Shine is extra special. This adds to the buzz and excitement of volunteering.

"As the music played, the London skyline lit up, and the walkers arrived in their sparkling and luminous costumes in their enthusiastic moods, you couldn’t help but feel excited for them! I think one of the highlights was watching everyone set off over the start line, the atmosphere was electric."

Ant says an important skill to have as a volunteer at a Shine event is confidence with the public, banter, initiative and a smile.

"Like any kind of voluntary work you need to be willing to get stuck in and help with whatever needs doing. We were shifting barriers at midnight after hours on our feet but no-one complained. You get out of it what you put into it and there is a sense of wanting to get things done as a team to ensure the event runs smoothly."

To someone thinking about volunteering with Cancer Research UK at Shine, Ant says:
"Don’t think about it, do it! Great atmosphere, great people, great cause. It’s a no-brainer!"


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