Meet Linda


Linda Davies, who has two children and three grandchildren, lives in Sully, south Wales with her husband Mike. Three generations of her family have been affected by cancer and she's recently featured in our Legacy campaign television adverts. She explains why she wanted to be involved with the project.

“My son Jeremy was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 26. He was about to get married and was going to be a father too. He had surgery a week before his wedding and went on honeymoon not knowing the type or severity of the cancer, so not knowing if he would need chemotherapy on his return. That was 19 years ago and he and his wife now have two children.

“Since then, my dad died from cancer, and then Mike was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago. All three experiences are the reasons why we need to support research.

“After Jeremy’s treatment, I wanted to say ‘Thank You’. He had benefited from research, treatment and training which had taken place some time before his diagnosis. I wanted to help pass that gift on to others in the future so that they could benefit in the same way.

“So, we set up a regular donation to Cancer Research UK and have also pledged a Legacy. I see a Legacy as a celebration of the progress which has been made by research, while it also recognises how much more work needs to be done.

“Going through cancer can be such a traumatic and dark time for a family, but leaving a Legacy feels a very positive way of doing something about it. It means we can be optimistic about future diagnosis and treatment.

“I can’t do the research myself, but I stand alongside the researchers and I am part of the progress that is being made.

“When I hear about a news story about research or hear a survival story, I feel involved. I get so much out of supporting, and seeing where the money goes. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.”

“And the admin of going to the solicitor to set up a Legacy is just that – a bit of admin. It is the means to making it possible to give this gift for the future. And no gift is too small – every gift helps and I would say others ‘Do this and be part of this progress too’.”