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Business Beats Cancer Manchester

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Business Beats Cancer Manchester

The Business Beats Cancer Manchester board aims to increase awareness across the region’s business community of Cancer Research UK’s work and to encourage them to work together to support the charity through a range of fundraising activities. The board also aims to help increase awareness across the Manchester business community, guiding them to get further support for helping their staff through any cancer journey they may encounter.

The board is made up of seven Manchester business people from a wide range of professional sectors who are determined to help fight one of Manchester’s biggest killers by raising funds for life-saving cancer research carried out by Cancer Research UK. The fundraising board is one of a growing network involving business leaders across the UK.

The board have chosen two incredible projects to fund in their first year, both based at the Cancer Research UK research facilities in Manchester. Half of the funds raised will go to Carolyn Dive’s work in the Manchester labs. This work looks specifically at Lung Cancer in the more economically deprived areas of the city, using liquid biopsy tests to hopefully catch cancer earlier, therefore increasing chances of survival. The board have chosen this project because lung cancer is currently the biggest single killer in Greater Manchester.

The second project that the board will be fundraising for is run by Dr Jamie Blundell and Professor Rob Bristow who are focusing their efforts on early diagnosis. This research is looking at our immune system and our immune cells to find patterns that may signify a higher chance of cancer developing in the future. If successful, this study would allow doctors to look for these patterns in the future, therefore diagnosing cancer earlier and giving everyone a much greater chance of survival.

Every penny that the board raises from their events will be split between these two incredible projects in the city.