David's Story

After experiencing treatment for testicular cancer at 25, David decided to share his story and encourage others in their own journeys. His advice? “Don’t bottle it all up, share it and turn it into as positive an experience as you can!” 

David Sing, 31, from Liverpool was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012. David said:

“I was 25 at the time and cancer wasn’t something I thought was going to affect me. I was sent for a scan and was then diagnosed but I didn’t really take it all in at first. I was operated on within a week. My left testicle had two tumours on it and that was removed.

“I was given a course of nine weeks of chemotherapy including cisplatin which Cancer Research UK helped develop.” David had surgery and chemotherapy at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Birkenhead. He said, “The moment I went in for my first chemo session and saw a frail lady who’d lost her hair, that’s when reality hit me.

“When my doctor told me I was going to lose all my hair after having chemotherapy, I decided to dye my hair bright orange in the Stand Up To Cancer colours. I wanted to raise money but also wanted to make things a little more light hearted through such a hard time and luckily it worked for both of those.

“My friends organised a charity football match too - I remember by the time the match came my hair was beginning to fall out quite badly and as I was running with the ball it was literally falling off behind me. Everyone was so supportive and it really helped as the treatment continued and my girlfriend Chloe has helped me organise charity nights over the last few years.”

In 2017, David completed an epic five-day canoe challenge to raise funds and awareness for Stand Up To Cancer. He explained, “Having cancer has really changed my approach to life. I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for research and fundraising.”

David talks about being a Media Volunteer for Cancer Research UK

“I wanted to become a Media Volunteer to be able to share my story and show people that approaching situations like this head on and with a positive attitude makes them easier to work through. I’ve done things like the great canoe challenge, various tv, radio and newspaper interviews and got to meet some amazing fellow survivors, supporters and celebs along the way! 

“The best thing about being a Media Volunteer is the different people you get to meet and work with along the way. Making friends for life through positive experiences. Get sharing to make yourself feel better! 

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Applying to be a media volunteer will take about 30 minutes. Before you start, please have details of your cancer experience, diagnosis, and treatments (as applicable) on hand

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