Adrian's Story

Adrian was given 12 months to live in 2012, but thanks to modern treatment he’s doing really well. He shares his story to help raise awareness of cancer; to, “make the world believe that cancer is changing and it’s not always a death sentence.”

“I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2012 after my wife Michele noticed a mole on my back had changed colour. A year after my treatment I was given the news that the cancer had spread to my internal organs. My options were limited but I took part in an immunotherapy trial and the cancer has shrunk to a trace now. I’m living proof that, through research, we’re winning.”

“I’ve done so much as a Media Volunteer. I’ve been interviewed by the Daily Mirror and Sunday Telegraph. I’ve been in photo shoots, videos for social media and spoken at several events.  It hurts to tell my story but the need to talk about how research has helped me outweighs the pain. When I walked away from the Crick Institute that night I’d been surrounded by so much positive energy – I loved it!

“The only slight negative has been some unpleasant comments on social media which were a bit upsetting. But we discussed it as a family and decided that the benefits of me raising awareness outweighed the negatives.  My family are very proud and supportive of what I do.

“The Media Volunteer Liaison team are great to work with. They’re all very understanding, approachable and organized and always make sure I’m happy with everything – I’ve never felt like I’ve been pushed into doing something.

“If you’re thinking of becoming a Media Volunteer, I’d just say make sure your family are happy for you to go public about your experience of cancer as it affects them too.  However, once you’ve got the all-clear from the people closest to you then go for it!  I wouldn’t be here today without research so I want to give something back.”


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Applying to be a media volunteer will take about 30 minutes. Before you start, please have details of your cancer experience, diagnosis, and treatments (as applicable) on hand.

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