Nikki's Story

Our media volunteers help raise awareness of cancer and the work of Cancer Research UK. Here, Nikki Chatha tells us about her experience of sharing her family's story. Her son Amarvir was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010 and had three years of chemotherapy treatment. They recently featured in this film about clinical trials.

How was the filming? 

We really enjoyed taking part in the video. It was such a good way to talk about the research and thank everyone who has taken part in a clinical trial. We have helped with a few things through the Media Volunteer Liaison team since Amar got his Kids & Teens Star Award, but we know that it can be difficult to talk about the research itself. It is such an important message - research is where the new treatments are coming from to help people in the future. 

What happened on the day? 

We had originally had a call from Spohie to explain about the video and what was being planned. She answered our questions so we knew what to expect when we got to the filming. It was actually a really relaxed day and Amar loved it because he go to play with his Lego - that is his passion! The film crew were really considerate and we were really pleased to see the final version. 

Do you enjoy being a media volunteer? 

It's really interesting to be involved with Cancer Research UK this way - it has given us a lot of context and understand about how treatments are created, and we have shared this within our friends and family and our whole community. It feels like we are passing on this knowledge and so many more people we know are really involved because they understand it more. 

What are the benefits of being involved? 

As a family, we are proud to be talking about cancer. That is one of the biggest issues, especially in communities where it is more of a taboo and not discussed openly as much. It's so important that charities like Cancer Research UK represent people from different communities in their campaigns, to make sure they are relevant to everyone. By being media volunteers, we are honoured to be doing something about it and making a difference.

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