Kezia and Linda's story

Our media volunteers help raise awareness of cancer and the work of CRUK. Linda and Kezia Denne have been helping with this work after Kezia was nominated forĀ a Kids & Teens Star Award. This year, they have supported the Stand Up To Cancer campaign and have appeared in national and regional press, as well as on social media and leaflets.

How do you feel about raising awareness?

Being involved with CRUK has definitely helped us to come to terms with what happened to Kezia and we have really enjoyed raising awareness. It feels really good to be doing something positive out of such a horrible experience.

What have you worked on?

We have done a few different campaigns now, including the Kids & Teens Star Awards and Stand Up To Cancer, and it has been really interesting each time. Kezia calls these things her cancer bonuses, and I must admit we have found out a lot - we did not know how people ended up raising awareness in this way. We didn't know how everything comes together, and how people appeared in campaigns, so we certainly know now!

Have you felt supported?

I feel we have a really great relationship with the Media Volunteer Liaison team. They always explain what an opportunity is and what might happen, and we can ask any questions. I feel I can talk honestly and they are very responsive to anything that Kezia says.

There was one piece that I was quite nervous about, but we talked through it and it all went well in the end. And I have said no to another request as it didn't feel right and wasn't made to feel like it was a problem at all. I would really recommend working with them.

What do your family and friends think?

Family and friends are really supportive and it has helped bring everything out in the open. Lots of people have asked us more questions about Kezia's experience because of our awareness work, and it has been good to talk about what has happened.

And there are some other nice outcomes - when we have been involved in different projects, Kezia has enjoyed meeting other people who have gone through treatment as well, and I have enjoyed talking to other parents too. You feel part of a team doing something to help and that is really important.

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