Test Cancer Sooner

In 2015, the Government confirmed the NHS would have up to £300m each year until 2020 to invest into diagnosing cancer earlier. 

Why did we campaign on this issue?

Early diagnosis saves lives. People are 3 times more likely to survive cancer if they’re diagnosed early.

We wanted the Government and NHS to make sure that 95% of people receive the results of their cancer tests within 4 weeks. This meant the NHS would need increased investment into diagnostic services – endoscopies, scans and others tests to meet the growing demand.  

How did you make it happen?

September 2015: You, along with our staff, CRUK shops and Campaigns Ambassadors signed a petition calling on the Government to increase investment into early diagnosis. 

October 2015: Your amazing support meant 24,600 petition signatures were collected in just 6 weeks! The petition was handed in to number 11.

November 2015: The Chancellor announced how the eamarked Department of Health funding would be spent until 2020 in the Autumn Spending Review.