Walk 100 Miles Challenge Tips

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Follow our ten top tips to complete the challenge and see your mile count go up in no time!

1. Call a friend

An easy way to get in those steps is to call a friend. Have a catch up and you'll quickly start racking up those miles.

2. Find a new podcast or album

Listening to a podcast or music is a great way to help stay motivated. If there's a new podcast series or album you've been meaning to listen to, now is the perfect time.

3. Get a walking buddy

Why not recruit your friends to take on the challenge and join you in walking 100 miles. There's no better motivation than being in a team and supporting one another throughout June.

4. Explore a new area

Find a local hiking route near you and explore the great outdoors. Take some pictures of your new route and share with your supporters to encourage sponsorship.

5. Get off a stop early

Change up your commute to work by getting off the bus or train a stop early. You'll get to work feeling energised and will have boosted your mile count.

6. Take a break by taking a walk

Walking is proven to reduce stress levels. When you're feeling in the need of a break, why not head outside, get some fresh air and take a walk to clear your head.

7. Ditch the car 

Whenever possible, ditch the car or public transport and walk to your final destination. This could be running errands or doing your weekly food shop.

8. Keep your supporters updated

Let your friends and family know how many miles you plan to walk every week in June so you're held accountable to complete them.

9. Give the dog a month of extra walks

If you don't have a pooch of your own, ask your neighbour if you can take out theirs. You'll be helping out the community whilst completing the challenge.

10.  Ask your friends for walking routes

If you're running out of inspiration, why not ask your mates for their favourite walking routes. 

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