Kickstart your training with Strava

CRUK event participants running through a park

You could raise over 6 times more money by connecting your Giving Page to Strava!

Strava is a free platform that allows you to track your training progress and share updates with family and friends. Follow the steps below to connect Strava to your Giving Page.

Connect your Strava

How to connect Strava to your CRUK Giving Page

How to set up your Strava account

If you don't already have a Strava account, getting set up couldn't be easier. 

Photo of an event participant wearing a CRUK shirt and holding multiple medals

Strava is a brilliant tool, both for my training and fundraising! All my training activities automatically upload from my smart watch or phone, so I can easily track progress and seamlessly share achievements and milestones on my fundraising page, across social media and with followers on Strava itself. 

Need help with integrating your Strava account?