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You've signed up and decided to swim 10 kilometres to help us in our fight to beat cancer. Now's the time to shout about your challenge and get those all-important donations rolling in. Get inspired, follow our fundraising ideas and smash your donation target in no time.​

​Promote yourself online 

You’re doing something incredible this November, so let everyone know about it! Share your Giving Page across social media with your exclusive challenge badge.​ Don't forget to keep your supporters updated throughout November with your progress.

Personalise your page​

Share your reason for taking on this challenge along with pictures and images on your Giving Page to inspire donations.​

Create your swimming team​

There’s no better motivation to clock-up those kilometres than doing it with your mates. Encourage your friends and family to sign up and become a real team effort. ​

I'm Swimming 10K in November Challenge badge
Challenge badge

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2.5K milestone badge for the November Swim 10K Challenge
2.5k badge

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5K milestone badge for the November Swim 10K Challenge
5k badge

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7.5K milestone badge for the November Swim 10K Challenge
7.5k badge

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10K milestone badge for the November Swim 10K Challenge
10K badge

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Raised £25 shield
£25 raised badge

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I've raised £50 shield
£50 raised badge

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Fundraising pack Challenge Tips  - Swim 10K November Challenge
Challenge Tips

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Fundraising pack certificate - Swim 10K November Challenge

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Fundraising pack sponsorship - Swim 10K November Challenge
Sponsorship Form

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Fundraising pack Challenge Sweepstake - Swim 10K November Challenge

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Fundraising pack sweepstake steps - Swim 10K November Challenge
Sweepstake Steps

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Fundraising pack pledge card - Swim 10K November Challenge

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Fundraising pack - how you're money makes a difference  - Swim 10K November Challenge
Thank you

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Donate £5 bagdge

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Donate £10 badge

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Donate £20 badge

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