Top Walking Tips from Joanna Hall

Walking expert Joanna Hall

Walk All Over Cancer is a great way to build the consistency of your steps this March but lack of time is often a common reason why people can't fit their steps in. Walking expert Joanna Hall (Sport Scientist, Creator & Founder WalkActive The Effective Walking System) shares her 3 tops tips to make marching those steps easy as 1-2-3!

1. Piggyback a habit
Find a habit that you do every day, maybe it’s read your emails, buy a coffee or a sandwich at lunchtime. Before you do that habit actually think about piggybacking some walking prior to opening up your purse to get that coffee or sandwich or before you press download on your emails.

2. Five, Ten, Fifteen
Think about three locations that you might use every single day. Perhaps it’s the school drop-off at the gates, from your front door, maybe it’s your desk at work. From those three locations find yourself a 5 minute route out back, a 10 minute route and a 15 minute route out back. And then when you’ve got some time, you’ve got those routes at your fingertips to build into your day.

3. Call a friend
You may have a best friend or a parent, someone who you really like to have a chat to on the phone. You can be really disciplined in March and to help you build-up your steps you can think ‘I’m only going to speak to them when I’m on two feet and putting one foot in front of the other’. It’s a really good way to up your steps and before you know it you’ve achieved 2,000 or even 3,000 steps.