The importance of Gifts in Wills

Gift In Wills

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Inside you will find useful tips on:
- The importance of writing a Will
- The types of gift you can leave
- Who can help you write your Will
- How leaving a gift in your Will could help us beat cancer sooner
- Choosing how your gift is spent
- Who to contact to take the next step

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One third of Cancer Research UK’s funding comes from gifts in Wills, which means that people who leave gifts to us fund a third of our life-saving work. This work is vital in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and has helped save millions of lives. Our ambition is to keep up the pace of research, accelerate progress and help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

To show how vital gifts left in Wills are to continuing our pioneering research, we asked leading Van Gogh artist Sarah Wimperis to recreate Van Gogh’s classic Sunflowers painting, with a stunning twist – a missing third. As Sarah has discovered, missing a third can have a massive impact. The campaign follows our reimagined Antonio Vivaldi’s iconic Spring composition with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with a third of the notes missing.