How to host your charity stream

a woman livestreaming her beauty regime on a phone

Create your fundraising page

If you're a seasoned livestreamer and have already chosen your challenge, create your fundraising page now


Create your page 

It's time to go live! Entertain your viewers and drive donations. Every step we take towards beating cancer relies on every pound donated. So this page will tell you how to interact with your viewers and encourage more donations.  

Charity stream milestones, incentives and forfeits

Raise more money by getting your viewers involved. These ideas will incentivise your charity stream and make it interactive

Milestone & incentive ideas

  • Set donation targets so your audience knows what to aim for. For example, celebrate every £100 raised during your stream
  • Offer options during our charity stream for your viewers to vote on. For example, which sporting challenge you take one
  • Promise to do a forfeit if you reach a donation milestone

Forfeit ideas

  • Put on a funny or embarrassing outfit for the rest of your charity stream
  • Share a funny story or picture
  • Shave your head
  • Match any donations made
  • Challenge yourself to more miles, press-ups, burpees or sit-ups in your sporting activity

Make your viewers feel valued

Everyone's support is vital. And making sure your viewers feel valued is a good way to encourage donations. Try the following tips during your charity stream

  • Welcome people to your livestream and tell them why you're raising money for Cancer Research UK

  • Thank people for their donations during your livestream

  • If you have a comment function open on your charity stream, answer questions from viewers

  • Thank people for their donations on social media and tell them how much you managed to raise

Your charity stream checklist

  • Choose your fundraising activity 
  • Sign up to fundraise for CRUK 

  • Choose your livestream platform 

  • Gather your livestream equipment 

  • Tell your friends and family and ask them to share your fundraising page

  • Promote your charity stream on social media 

  • Prepare a livestream script or a list of talking points if you'd like to  

  • Run a test before your charity stream to make sure everything works for the day 

  •  Remember to enjoy yourself!