SmokeThis: shining a spotlight on the tobacco industry

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94% of smokers have started before the age of 25 – the beginning of an addiction that kills half of all long-terms users. The tobacco industry is highly adaptable, highly profitable and has sustained itself by recruiting new smokers for the 100,000 people their products kill every year in the UK.

This is about creating a collective force, and targeting a common enemy. Help us create a massive online photo protest showing them 100,000 new smokers that they WON'T be recruiting this year.

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Internationally, the tobacco industry makes around £30 billion in profit which is more than Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Microsoft combined – or £6,000 profit for every death from smoking.

Smokers increase their risk of a least 14 types of cancer and on average lose a decade of life compared to non-smokers.


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End tobacco marketing

On Wednesday 11 March, MPs voted in favour of standard cigarette packs by 367 to 113.

This is a huge victory for public health – and we couldn’t have done it without you.


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