Funding opportunities for early detection and diagnosis

We have a range of funding opportunities catering for a broad research community at all career stages and in any research field which can impact on earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Our funding covers early detection and early diagnosis and is designed to support a broad portfolio of research across the pipeline from discovery research to translational research and innovation which has potential for a real population-level impact through policy or clinical practice.

Although the funding opportunities below are divided into early detection and early diagnosis, we recognise that these are overlapping categories. If you are unsure where your research would best fit, please contact our Research Funding Managers.


Research career development opportunities

Research Careers

We're committed to supporting the next generation of cancer researchers and we have opportunities for you wherever you are in your career, whether you're new to the lab or growing your fully fledged independent research group.

We have a broad range of fellowships, bursaries, job opportunities and studentships to cater for your situation, whether you're an academic researcher or a clinician scientist, and whether you require a fully funded fellowship or grants to advance individual projects.

Accelerator Award

Our Centres Network Accelerator Award funds infrastructure, tools, platforms and resources which will enable the community to accelerate translational research. The award is open to our CRUK Centres and also to institutions affiliated to Italy's AIRC or invited by Spain's FC AECC.