Lung Cancer Conference: Programme

Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Conference 2022

The scientific programme will broadly focus on the latest multidisciplinary approaches in lung cancer research.

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Tuesday 15 November 2022

09.30 - 10.30  Delegate arrival, poster set up and refreshments

10.30 - 10.50  Welcome

Caroline Dive (CRUK Lung Centre of Excellence, Manchester, UK)

Charles Swanton (CRUK Lung Centre of Excellence, London, UK)

10.50 - 11.50 Keynote Lecture

Christine Berg  (US National Institute, retired) 

11.50 - 12.50  Lunch | Poster session | Exhibition viewing | Networking

12.50 - 14.35 Immune regulation and exploitation

Chair: Santiago Zelenay ( CRUK Manchester Institute)

Speakers: Maria Casanova-Acebes (Spanish National Cancer Research Center)

Lukas Orre (Karolinska Institute)

James Reading (University College London)

Proffered Talk: Roderik Kortlever, University of Cambridge 

14.35 - 15.05  Refreshment break and exhibition viewing

15.05 - 15.55  The Big Question panel: How do we best respond to the transformative stage shift underway in the ED of Lung Cancer?

Chair: Alexis Webb (Cancer Research UK)

Speakers: Christine Berg  (US National Institutes of Health) 

Caroline Dive (CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence, Manchester, UK)

15.55 - 17.45 Lung cancer in never smokers

Chair: Charles Swanton (CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence, London, UK)

Speaker: William Hill (The Francis Crick Institute)

Rocio Sotillo (DKFZ)

17.45 - 18.45  Drinks reception | Poster session | Exhibition viewing | Networking

Wednesday 16 November 2022


08.00 - 08.45  Delegate arrival, poster set up and refreshments

08.45 - 10.30  Application of imaging and radiotherapy

Chair: Corinne Faivre-Finn (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK)

Speakers: Crispin Hiley (University College London, UK)

Jason Lewis (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

Mariam Jamal-Hanjani (University College London, UK)

Proffered talk: Hannah Greenwood, King's College London 

10.30 - 11.00  Refreshment break and exhibition viewing

11.00 - 11.50  Fireside chat: Patient involvement in research with Ruth Strauss Foundation

We are grateful to the Ruth Strauss foundation for hosting two lung cancer patients in conversation about their experiences and perspectives on patient involvement in research and research design. This will provide valuable insights for researchers on how to better involve the patient voice in their work.

Chair: Martin Forster (Ruth Strauss Foundation and UCL)

Speakers: Gini Harrison 

Cameron Miller

11.50 - 12.40  Keynote Lecture 

Monte Winslow (Stanford University School of Medicine, USA)

12.40 - 13.40  Lunch | Poster session | Exhibition viewing | Networking


13.40 - 14.10  Future Leaders showcase 

Chair: Caroline Dive (CRUK Lung Centre, Manchester, UK)

Speakers: Laura Wisniewski (Barts Cancer Institute, UK)

Maria Peiris-Pagès (CBC, CRUK Manchester Institute, UK)

Sasha Bailey (Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Sonya Hessey (University College London, UK)

14.10 - 14.55  Structured Networking 

An opportunity to expand your network through structured networking discussions. 

14.55 - 15.25  Refreshment break and exhibition viewing

15.25 - 17.10  Advances in small cell lung cancer 

Chair: Kathryn Simpson (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK)

Speakers: Julie George (University of Cologne, GERMANY)

Triparna Sen (Tisch Cancer Institute Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)

Lauren A. Byers  (MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA)

Proffered talk: Oliver Bartley (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK)

17.10 - 18:30 Drinks reception | Poster session | Exhibition viewing | Networking

19.00 Conference dinner at Science and Industry Museum, Manchester 


Thursday 17 November 2022

08.30 - 09.15 Meet the experts breakfast

We will feature many acclaimed scientific experts from the programme offering a unique wealth of knowledge and advice —as well as coffee and breakfast goodies, to sweeten the deal.

09.15 - 11.00  Informatics and technology approaches to diagnosing and treating

Chair: Nicky McGranahan (UCL Cancer Institute, UK)

Speakers: Jian Carrot-Zhang (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

Peter Kuhn (USC Michelson Center, USA)

Simon Pearce (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK)

Proffered talk: Olivia Lucas (University College London, UK)

11.00 - 11.50  Keynote Lecture 

Ramaswamy Govindan (Washington University, USA)

11.50 - 12.50 Lunch | Poster session | Exhibition viewing | Networking

12.50 - 14.35  Screening, early detection and minimal residual disease

Chair: Sam Janes (University College London Hospital, UK)

Gabriella Sozzi (The National Cancer Institute of Milan, ITALY)

Chris Abbosh (AstraZeneca, UK)

Phil Crosbie (CRUK Manchester Centre, UK)

Proffered talk: Mariana Leal (Owlstone Medical)

14.35 - 15.15 Panel Discussion: Translation and Entrepreneurship

Interactive discussion about translating discovery research to the clinic

Chair: Billy Boyle, Owlstone Medical, UK

Speakers: Angela  Miller (LifeArc)

Joely Irlam (University of Manchester)

Chris Abbosh (AstraZeneca) 

Alex Badamchi-Zadeh (SV Health Investors LLP) 

15.15 - 15:20 Closing remarks

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Research opportunities in lung cancer

Lung Cancer

Survival for people with lung cancer remains low which is why we've made it a strategic priority. We have a broad range of funding opportunities for researchers wanting to focus on the disease.