Oesophageal Cancer Symposium 2019: Conference programme

International Oesophageal Cancer Symposium

​With worldwide incidence growing at an alarming rate, oesophageal cancer is fast becoming a serious international health problem to which we currently have few solutions. We believe that the only way to tackle the disease is through research – by bringing together scientists from across the research spectrum to shed light on this biologically intriguing disease. Our exciting scientific programme unites world-leaders in the field with experts from allied disciplines, and it is our hope that this unique event will spark new ideas and collaborations which will make a real difference to patients.

In addition to scientific talks, there’ll be panel discussions and a Future Leaders session. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network during poster sessions, ‘meet the expert’ breakfasts, and career workshops.

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Monday 29 April 2019

08:00 – 09:30 

Registration & Posters


Conference starts

Rebecca Fitzgerald, University of Cambridge UK

Laurence Lovat, University College London UK


Keynote address

We are Legion

Imran Haque, BN1 Consulting LLC USA




How should we approach the global epidemic of oesophageal cancer?

Chair: Helen Coleman, Queens University Belfast Ireland 

Chair: Laurence Lovat, University College London UK


Aaron Thrift, Baylor College of Medicine USA

Violet Kayamba, University of Zambia School of Medicine Africa 

Ludmil Alexandrov, University of California, San Diego USA 



Lunch, exhibition and poster session


What are the cellular and molecular drivers of Barrett's and OAC?

Chair: Xin Lu, University of Oxford UK

Chair: Stuart MacDonald, Queen Mary University of London UK


Inigo Martincorena, Wellcome Sanger Institute UK

Thomas Meyer, Max Planck Institute Germany

Marnix Jansen, University College London UK




17:05 ​

Future Leaders

Three proffered talks and three lightening talks, with some touching upon diabetes in relation to oesophgeal cancer, the methylation landscape of Barrett's oeospagus and Oesophageal adenocarcinoma and identification and development of blood-based biomarkers.

Chair: Maria Secrier, University College London UK

Chair: Daffolyn Rachael Fels Elliott, University of California San Francisco USA


Kit Curtius, Barts Cancer Institute UK (Post doc)

Myrtle van der Wel, University Medical Center Utrecht Netherlands (Lightning talk)

Sriganesh Jammula, Cambridge Institute UK (Post doc)

Jovana Gotovac, University of Melbourne Australia (Lightning talk)

Jessica Patrick, National Cancer Institute USA (Post doc)

Eilidh McCulloch, University of Glasgow Scotland (Lightning talk)


Drinks reception, exhibition and poster session 



Conference Dinner at Quaglino's 


Tuesday 30 April 2019


Meet the expert breakfast



Conference starts


How can we build a more robust translational pipeline?

Chair: Rebecca Fitzgerald, University of Cambridge UK

Chair: Francesca Ciccarelli, Francis Crick Institute UK


Nick Clemons, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre AUS

Tom Hudson, AbbVie USA

Neil Carragher, The University of Edinburgh UK


10:30  Break


How can biology drive the development of new therapies?

Chair: Lizzy Smyth, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust UK

Chair: Daniel Hochhauser, University College London Hospital UK


Bissan Al Lazikani, Institute of Cancer Research UK

Russell Petty, University of Dundee and Tom Crosby, Velindre Cancer Centre UK

Andrea Sottoriva, Institute of Cancer Research UK


Lunch, exhibtion and poster session


How can we exploit the tumour microenvironment?

Chair: Tim Underwood,  University of Southampton UK

Chair: Naureen Starling, The Royal Marsden UK


Thea Tlsty, University of California, San Francisco USA

Rupert Langer, University of BernSwitzerland

Sarah Dirks , VU University Medical Center Amsterdam





 How can early detection and prevention strategies be improved?

Chair: Peter Sasieni, Queen Mary University of London UK

Chair: Rehan Haidry University College London Hospitals UK


Christian Abnet, National Cancer Institute USA

Thomas Wang, University of Michigan USA

 Danail Stoyanov, University College London UK


Conference ends 

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, University of Cambridge UK

Laurence Lovat, University College London UK

Download a printable version of the agenda

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