Brain Tumour Conference: Programme

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Brain Tumour Conference 2020

The scientific sessions include:

  • Synaptogenesis and glioma
  • Tools to manipulate the nervous system
  • Stem cells and the developmental origins of brain tumours
  • Neuro-immunology and therapeutic opportunities
  • Understanding the microenvironment and new therapeutic opportunities
  • Part 1 Biology and ‘Omics for Precision Medicine
  • Part 2  Biology and ‘Omics for Optimising Efficacy and Reducing Toxicity

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Research opportunities in brain tumours

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Brain tumour survival remains low, and has changed little in over a generation. That's why we've made brain tumours a strategic priority as one of our four "cancers of unmet need".

We're boosting our investment into brain tumours, and we have a number of opportunities to help you develop your brain tumour research or to apply your skills to these cancers for the first time.