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Big Data Analytics Conference Series: Data Visualisation

2018 Big Data Analytics Conference

2017 Presentations

The theme of the 2017 Big Data Analytics Conference was Data Quality.  To view the presentations, please click on the titles below.

Old friends, new foes: trustworthiness, quality and value in the era of Big Data – Ed Humpherson (UK Statistics Authority)

A Scientific approach to data quality – Barrie Wilkinson (Oliver Wyman)

Man plus machine – Geoffrey Cross (Winton Group Ltd)

Ethical issues about big data (and lack of big data) – Elizabeth Wager (Sideview)

The reproducibility mindset: Enhancing big data quality in medicine and research – Keith Baggerly (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

Transforming big data into clinically actionable strategies – John Quankenbush ( Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

Panellist presentations

Clive Frostick (IPSOS Mori)

David Robson (IBM)

Erik Mayer (Imperial College London)

Ian Gilmore (National Physical Laboratory)

Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter) 

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