Identifying your target audience

To get the most out of involving patients in your research it’s important to identify people relevant to your research. Think about what experiences and skills will add the most value to your project.

Making your involvement diverse and inclusive

Involving a diverse range of people can bring rich insights to your work. Look for where you can seek diverse views within the personal experiences and skills necessary for your research.

It can be tempting to always involve the same people who are well known to your research institute. Patients who get involved regularly can become great ‘patient experts’. This can be very valuable for some involvement opportunities, but not all. It’s important that you involve people with the experiences and skills most relevant to your research, to get the most out of the involvement. It’s important to use fair and transparent recruitment processes as per the INVOLVE National Standards.

To find out more about diversity and inclusion in patient involvement use the INVOLVE strategies for diversity and inclusion.