Our Research Centres

At the heart of our strategy to beat cancer sooner is a network of 15 translational research centres delivering world-leading research that accelerates the transition of lab-based discovery to the clinic for the benefit of people affected by cancer.

Our centres drive local collaborations between universities, NHS hospitals, and other research organisations. Together, they operate as a network which plays a key role in delivering our strategic objectives in translational research, with different centres contributing their expertise in different tumour sites and research themes.

We award centre status to locations performing the highest quality cancer research, and we provide over £200 million of infrastructure investment funding for technical staff, equipment, training and running costs, developing the breadth and depth of research at each of these centres.

Opportunities to work and study with us

We're committed to supporting the next generation of cancer researchers and a substantial portion of the funding for our centres is dedicated to training PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, including clinician researchers. If you are interested in working or studying with us, you should approach individual centres or research groups.

Directory of Centres


Accelerator Award

This award, funded through a partnership between Cancer Research UK, The Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) and Spanish Association Against Cancer Scientific Foundation (FC AECC), encourages cross-institutional collaboration to accelerate translational research. 

Centres review & funding periods

We fund our centres in a five year cycle. At the end of the funding cycle, we convene an independent, international panel to assess the performance of each centre, applications from potential new centres, and the network as a whole.

The current funding cycle began in April 2017, we will be reviewing the next round of applications in late 2021. During the funding cycle, each centre is evaluated against its objectives annually, to determine continued funding.

Contact us

Dr. Curtis Asante

Senior Research Funding Manager

Tel +44 (0)203 469 8759


Rachel Chown

Senior Research Funding Manager

Tel +44 (0)203 469 5155


More research infrastructure

We fund a network of state-of-the-art facilities at 90 institutions across the UK. From basic science and drug discovery to experimental medicine and clinical trials, our infrastructure enables research throughout the pipeline.

Cancer Research UK Open Lab initiative logo


Are you looking for new opportunities to exchange ideas and interact more closely with other research groups?

The Cancer Research UK Open Lab Initiative has been launched to encourage CRUK Centre Network research groups, CRUK-funded laboratories, and other groups undertaking cancer-related research to hold joint group meetings online.

Our aim is to connect research groups with mutual or complementary interests to spark creative discussions, generate novel scientific ideas, and establish new research collaborations.