Funding commitments for 2017/18 by our committees

Our funding committees oversee our response-mode funding by reviewing applications for investigator-led programme, project and trial grants, fellowships and bursaries. In 2017/18 they were responsible for more than £100 million of our spend on research.

Our committees comprise UK and international experts, ensuring that our decisions are well informed and that we continue to fund pioneering research across a wide range of disciplines. The rigorous process for reviewing funding proposals involves many people across the community, from those who give their time to sit on our funding committees and panels, to peer reviewers who provide expert evaluation of individual applications. It is only through the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of these many individuals that we can continue to support research that will have the biggest impact and bring significant progress to the field.

1Where no figure is shown in this column, applications for this type of funding do not require an outline application.

More information about our funding commitments