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Business Beats Cancer Bristol

The Business Beats Cancer Bristol Board is a group of committed individuals uniting the business community to raise funds for cancer research in Bristol. We aim to help CRUK beat cancer once and for all. COVID-19 threatens to severely impact vital research. Over the next 4-5 years, CRUK may be forced to reduce spending by £150m; but we believe in the power of their research to make a significant impact against cancer. The Bristol facility is home to a paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre - a unique partnership between CRUK and the National Institute for Health Research in England. This brings together lab scientists and cancer doctors to speed up the flow of ideas and new cancer treatments from the lab to the clinic. CRUK recently awarded the biggest ever research grant to the Bristol facility. The money will help unpick the causes and mechanisms of cancer and why it progresses in some people and not others. Businesses in the west of England can help support this research in the fight against cancer as this centre has a growing reputation as a centre of excellence for scientific research. Despite the challenges ahead, we will not give up. But we can’t do this alone. To save lives tomorrow, we need your help today. 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime.

Thursday 19th October 2023

The Business Beats Cancer Bristol Board will be hosting their third gala dinner at the The Harbour Hotel in Bristol on Thursday 19th October 2023 . The event will help raise vital funds specifically for Bristol funded Cancer Research UK projects.

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Black Tie Gala Dinner 19th October, 2023

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Supporting Cancer Research and attending the fundraising Gala Dinner is really important to us as the event will not only raise valued funds but will also raise awareness into the major research being carried out by Cancer Research UK in Bristol. The city is a major hub for research into cancer, with Cancer Research UK coordinating a £4.1m 5-year programme focusing on new ways to predict cancer, as well as ways to prevent it. We are proud to be supporting this prestigious event.

Vanessa Moon - Director of Moon Executive Search


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The Business Beats Cancer Bristol Board was established in 2018 and has brought together a group of committed and dynamic individuals to help unite the West of England business community. All money raised will help fund vital research projects in Bristol such as the £4.1 million Cancer Epidemiology Programme that is focussing on new ways to prevent and predict cancer developments and progression.

What we're funding in Bristol

Diane Douglas, 45, is a mum of three whose life has changed thanks to life-saving research.

In 2016, Diane, was told that she had acute breast cancer. Just six weeks after major surgery, she was determined to make a difference and launched her technology business, Vigiles Group. Diane subsequently won a major entrepreneur business award and visited 10 Downing Street. But her biggest reward is waking up feeling excited about the future.

In Bristol, scientists are leading the way in research, improving the care of cancer patients, like Diane. The Business Beats Cancer Bristol Board will help fund this vital research taking place at Bristol University, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and Southmead Hospital.

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