Advice from people who have stopped smoking

Hundreds of thousands of people stop smoking every year in the UK. It’s not easy, but more and more people are successfully quitting.

We asked people who have successfully stopped smoking for their tips and advice to help you. Here’s what they recommended.


Find what works for you

"Follow a path that supports you. There are no hard and fast rules. What works for some people fails others."

You're most likely to be successful with treatment and support at your free local stop smoking service, but there's lots of different ways to stop. Keep trying until you find the right method. 

"With a [stop smoking service] clinic you get the chance to sit down and actually talk to someone. I think that is the major thing that helped me." 

“I think having a vape helps because it takes away any cravings but also helped in replacing the routine which was a big part of my smoking habits.”

“The NHS Stop smoking app was a great tool as it showed a running total of days since quitting and money saved. But it also had hints and tips and info to continue to inspire you along the way.”

“I realised I could never touch another cigarette again or I would be back to square one. I was very addicted to nicotine.”


Do it for you own personal reasons

Whether it's protecting your health, saving money, or not missing out on time with others, people listed lots of reasons to stop smoking. As well as remembering why you want to stop, think about the benefits too. 

"Other people telling me to stop did not help. It helped temporarily but in the long term I ended up going back on it because it wasn't coming from me and my own realisation."

“I started riding my bike again and really loved being able to do that without feeling breathless.”

“Money! I saved so much not spending money on cigarettes.”

“Quitting will make you feel healthier and more empowered.”


Don't do it alone 

People said sharing their experience with a professional, friends or family helped them to stop smoking for good. Why not try the Smokefree app or join the online community?

“I certainly felt very alone trying to quit. Find someone to talk to.”

“I set a date for quitting and told people about it so I would have to keep to it and I did. Their support was a massive help.”

Find out more about the support available to you.


Keep trying 

It can take people several attempts before they quit for good, so stick with it. It’s never too late to make a change.

“If you fail it’s ok, don’t work it up to be a huge deal. Try today, if you fail, try tomorrow.”

“The more times you try to give up, the more successful you tend to be. Knowing that most people have to try multiple times before they eventually gave up helped me. It was easy to feel at times that it would be impossible.”

“You are stronger than your addiction to tobacco.”

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