The UK and the EU: our work to support researchers and people affected by cancer

 Cancer Research UK is working to support UK-EU research collaboration – image of UK and EU flags tied together at the top

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Health and science are global. Collaboration between the UK and other countries enables the discoveries that benefit everyone. As the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research, we remain committed to the collective effort in beating cancer. We all win when science wins. It’s a cause that unites people across the world. 

Cancer Grand Challenges: How we’re uniting the world’s brightest minds against cancer’s toughest challenges 

That’s why we worked hard to inform the Brexit negotiations, to represent the interests of our researchers and people with cancer. We’ve been following progress closely ever since. We were delighted when the UK and EU agreed that the UK would associate to Horizon Europe from 1 January 2024. But we feel the UK-EU relationship should do more for people affected by cancer. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure cancer patients in the UK and across the EU are prioritised in talks about the future relationship. 

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