Exiting the EU: our work to ensure the best deal for cancer research and patients

Brexit & the EU

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Following the British public’s decision to leave the European Union, we’ll be working hard to help inform negotiations, ensuring cancer patients in the UK and across the EU are prioritised in Brexit talks.

Health and science are global. And collaboration between the UK and countries in Europe and beyond enables the discoveries that benefit patients everywhere. So we’ll be following progress on the UK’s new relationship with the EU closely and seeking to input our expertise on the issues we care most about.

As the largest independent funder of research in Europe we remain committed to collaborating across borders within Europe, and globally, to beat cancer sooner.

Scientists have greater impact when they collaborate internationally.

A report funded by eight leading UK medical research funders and charities identifies some of the main ways in which UK research contributes to medical progress. It highlights the benefit this has delivered for EU science, and ultimately how this has improved the health of patients across the EU.

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