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On May 2016, standardised tobacco packaging was introduced across the UK. Following the removal of point of sale tobacco displays from shops, these measures will help end misleading tobacco marketing.

After a long campaign standardised packaging was introduced across the UK from May 2016. Two-thirds of smokers start by the age of 18 - the beginning of an addiction that will kill up to 2 in 3 long-term users. Standardised packaging of tobacco products will protect children from a deadly addiction and save lives. We are currently investing in research to evaluate the impact of standardised packaging in the UK.

Research shows that standard packs reduce the appeal of tobacco products to children and help demonstrate the realities of smoking by increasing the prominence of graphic health warnings. The introduction of standardised packaging in May 2016 follows the removal of point of sale tobacco displays from all shops in April 2015. Tobacco displays reinforce the social norms of smoking among young people.

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