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Right now, a tick is one of the most important tools in the fight against cancer

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Cancer Research UK is moving to ‘opt in’ on 1 July 2017. After this date, we won’t be able to contact you with our latest appeals, breakthroughs and ways to get involved unless we have a tick from you. 

Why does a tick from me mean so much?

Thanks to generous support from people like you, over the last 40 years cancer survival has doubled.

But we won’t stop there. Right now 1 in 2 people survive cancer for 10 years or more. Our ambition is to see 3 in 4 people surviving their disease by 2034. Your tick means we can continue to talk to you, raising vital funds to beat cancer sooner, but without it, we can't.

How do I tell Cancer Research UK that I want to be contacted?

  1. Fill in our short form.
  2. When you do something new for CRUK and fill in your details, like enter an event, make sure you tick the yes box to the ways you want to hear from us
  3. Contact our preferences team by email or call 0300 123 3379

I already receive post and/or calls from Cancer Research UK - how do I update my preferences?

It's quick and simple - just fill in our short form.

I already receive emails and/or SMS from Cancer Research UK - how do I update my preferences?

If you have already ‘opted-in’ to hear from us via email and/or SMS, don’t worry - we will continue to contact you in these ways. However if you are unsure or would like to change your preference, please fill in our short form.

Your existing support won’t be affected, this only changes the way we contact you.


Why is Cancer Research UK making this change now?

By making this change and only contacting you in the way you choose, we can be more cost effective with our marketing activity. It also means we’re ahead of the game when it comes to any future changes to data protection legislation.

​Is this going to affect the amount of money Cancer Research UK raises?

Making this change on 1 July 2017 will affect our income in the short term but we believe it’s the right thing to do. To fund our life saving research, we have to ask for your donations and fundraising support from time to time. However, we only want to contact you if you are happy to hear from us.

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