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Whether your speciality is architecture or data, project management or business analysis, there's a role for you. 

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About technology at Cancer Research UK

The Technology team at Cancer Research UK has gone through an exciting digital transformation. The directorate is made up of stable, multi-disciplinary product-centric teams, aligned to Cancer Research UK functions - teams who are empowered and accountable for the full lifecycle of their products, from creation to delivery to service to decommissioning.  

We are revitalising capability teams focused on line management and continuous improvement of our core technical skills (e.g. engineering, delivery management), and we will continue to invest in line management skills and build both technical and management career paths within this model. And we are reinforcing central teams which co-ordinate and own a “single view” across key aspects of our systems and operation (e.g. architecture, service, performance management).  

Hear from our CTO

Hello and thank you for your interest in working in the Technology team at Cancer Research UK!  

Every single day our supporters and volunteers are raising money, and scientists, doctors and nurses are using all of their skills and expertise to save more lives affected by cancer.  And it’s our team’s job to transform how the charity uses technology and data so that it’s setup to support this vital work now, and in the future. Our work ranges from delivering digital marketing products, to specialist scientific applications, through to all the essential operational tools and services used by Cancer Research UK staff every day. 

Over the past 6 months, we’ve gone through a huge amount of change - that transition continues and you will have a great opportunity to help to shape and deliver that over time. We have a new organisation and operating model; we are building the capacity and capability of our teams; we are aligning ourselves with the rest of the organisation and establishing shared priorities, roadmaps and outcomes; and we will be creating a powerful external presence to showcase our teams and their contribution.  In order to do this, we need to add to our brilliant, 300+ person team. 

Whether your speciality is architecture or data, project management or business analysis, I can assure you we’ve got a role for you at Cancer Research UK.  A role in which you’ll work with subject matter experts, who will drive you to become the best you can be in our forever-innovating environment.   

We look forward to welcoming you and, with your help, beating cancer sooner.

- Richard Newsome, CTO