Research into Screening for Barrett's Oesophagus - video transcript

Voiceover: Researchers are looking into screening for Barrett’s oesophagus. You swallow a small capsule like this one; it contains a small sponge called a Cytosponge

Nurse: So, I want you to put the Sponge as far back, to the back of throat.

Man: Ok

Nurse: Take a nice gulp of water and swallow. After 5 minutes what we do is just gently pull it back, and you might feel it scratches the back of your throat.

Man: Ok

Nurse: Some patients have said it feels like a brillo pad but most patients can tolerate it very well.

Man: Ok

Nurse: Ok

Voiceover: The outer capsule dissolves in about 5 minutes

Man: Yep

Nurse: Let me check in your mouth...that’s I just press the timer for 5 minutes

Nurse: I want you to just keep your head nice and still for me if you can

Voiceover: As the nurse pulls the sponge out it collects cells from the lining of your oesophagus

Nurse: I will just show you what you just swallowed

Man: Wow

Voiceover: The sponge now goes to the lab to see if the cells show signs of Barrett’s.

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