What to ask your doctor about testing for cancer genes

Here are some questions you might like to ask your doctor or genetic counsellor about testing for cancer genes: 

  • how do you do the test?
  • will I have counselling?
  • can you help me talk to my family?
  • when will I get the results of the test?
  • if you don’t find a faulty gene what does it mean?
  • what happens if you find a faulty gene?
  • what is my risk of developing cancer?
  • can I have screening?
  • what does screening involve?
  • how often will I be screened?
  • how much will preventative treatment reduce my risk of developing cancer?
  • what preventative treatment is available?
  • what does the treatment involve?
  • what are the immediate and long term side effects of treatment?
  • when should I have treatment?
  • will the treatment affect my fertility?
  • can I time any treatment so that I can have a family?
  • are there any support groups available?

You could print them out and add any other questions that you might have.


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