An example of patient involvement aims and objectives

Here is an example of how a researcher has thought about these questions to define their aims and objectives for the patient involvement activity:

1.  What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Low rates of patients agreeing to donate their tissue samples for my research.

2.  How can insight from patients help you solve this problem?

  • Patients have a unique perspective and may be able to help identify what the barriers or concerns could be for patients.

3.  What questions do you need to ask them to gather this insight?

  • How they feel about the study and why?  Is the purpose of the research, and how it could benefit future patients, clear?
  • Would they be willing to take part and why?  What would make them want to sign up or what would deter them?
  • Is my patient information clear and easy to read?  What could be improved? 

Your responses to these questions can help you shape your aims and objectives and focus your involvement in following stages.

So your aim would be:

  • To increase the likeliness that patients will agree to donate tissue to my study

And your objectives would be:

  • To identify avoidable barriers to study participation

Defining your aims, objectives and what questions you’d ask patients will also help you choose how you will involve patients. In this scenario, to achieve this aim and objective you may work with patients to review your protocol and patient information. Knowing your aims and objectives will also help you select the right method of involvement for you.