Coping physically

Find out about managing cancer symptoms and possible side effects from cancer treatment. There is information about pain, sickness, diet problems and much more. 

Coping emotionally

Information about coping emotionally, talking about cancer and counselling. There is information about some of the emotions you may have, who you can talk to, and how you can help yourself.

Coping practically

Get information on coping with practical matters such as money and travel, as well as treatment for overseas visitors.

Dying with cancer

When someone is dying with cancer, they and their carers can get help and support. The information here might help at a very emotional and difficult time.

General books and links

Find out about general cancer organisations, books and resources, and information about cancer organisations in other countries.

Family, friends and caregivers

Cancer affects family and friends too. Get tips on how to support someone with cancer and how to take care of yourself. 

Last reviewed: 
05 Feb 2021
Coronavirus and cancer

We know it’s a worrying time for people with cancer, we have information to help.

Read our information about coronavirus and cancer