Facts and figures about our research funding

In the financial year 2015/16 we supported research worth £376 million.

We fund research through a variety of mecahnisms, from our five research institutes to investigator-led programmes and training fellowships. Our funding spans the research pipeline, and our diverse portfolio includes research into a wide variety of types of cancer.

Here you can explore in more detail how and where we fund research, and how your own work fits in.

Research funding by geographic location

We support research in over 90 institutions in 40 towns and cities across the UK. Explore our interactive map to find out what we fund in each location.

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Research funding by disease type, 2015/16

Funding by disease type 2015/16 diagram

* Other - includes research into over 100 other cancers

Funding across the research pipeline, 2015/16

Funding by research pipeline: 50% basic, 30% transnational, 20% clinical

Commitments by funding mechanism

Funding commitments made in 2015/16 are split across a range of different mechanisms – from our core-funded institutes, to grants and awards made through our committees and the UK-wide infrastructure network that exists for our whole community to benefit from.

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