Researchfish Policy

This policy details our guidelines for the proper use of Researchfish.


This policy applies to research organisations and principal investigators alike. It defines key terms relating to Researchfish such as CRUK’s understanding of accepted evaluation data, full compliance, exceptions and sanctions that can be expected should an organisation not adhere to the Grant Conditions.


Compliance The submission of the accepted evaluation data in Researchfish when requested by the end of the Submission Period.

Submission Period – The specified time, as defined by CRUK, in which PIs are expected to submit their grant evaluation data.

Submission Rate – The percentage of compliant RC1 submissions per institution.


CRUK requires the majority of PI’s to submit information on the outputs, outcomes and impacts arising from their CRUK funding to CRUK on an annual basis via the Researchfish system, for the duration of the award and a minimum of three years post funding.  Such requirement will be stipulated in the Grant Award Letter and communicated to the PI each year prior to the submission period via email, and posted on the CRUK website. 

Submission periods are typically 5-6 weeks in duration and CRUK will attempt to align submission periods with other Funders as far as practical.  If the required Researchfish return is not submitted on time, CRUK reserves the right to apply sanctions as outlined below.

HEIs will be provided with a list of awards based at their institution included in the submission period, and the response code associated with each award. 

Response codes are as follows:

  • RC1 – A submission is required this year
  • RC2 – No submission is required this year.  The PI has a one year exemption as a result of long-term leave (e.g. maternity / paternity)
  • RC3 – No further submission is required.  The award ended more than 5 years ago.  PIs may continue to submit new outcomes if relevant
  • RC4 – A submission is required this year, but this award is not included in compliance calculations (either the award is no longer active and/or the PI has left your institution)
  • RC5 – No submission is expected for this award

It is the HEI’s responsibility to ensure that PIs have submitted within the specified time.  For the avoidance of doubt, PIs are required to log into the system and hit the submit button to register a valid submission, regardless of whether or not they have outputs to report.

Should the compliance rate at a given HEI fall below 90%, CRUK reserves the right to withhold all monthly grant payments to that HEI until such time as the compliance rate is above 90%.  The compliance rate is calculated on RC1 awards only.

Any exceptions to the policy must be mutually agreed between a CRUK head and a PI prior to the submission period.

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