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Our nurses travel to the heart of communities talking to over 60,000 people every year about cancer. We help people to take steps to reduce their risk of cancer through lifestyle changes. And we also encourage people to go to their GP with any concerns – picking cancer up at an earlier stage means treatment is more likely to be successful.

Our experienced nurses are helping thousands of people every week through talking and listening to them and providing relevant information.

What is the Cancer Awareness Roadshow?

Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Awareness Roadshow first hit the road in 2006 and was set up in partnership with Ronan Keating and the Marie Keating Foundation, who continue to support the Roadshow today.

Our four teams have reached over half a million people and the number grows every week. Our aim is that every visitor leaves the Roadshow with a better awareness of cancer, what changes they can make for their health and where they can find further support.

We help people understand the signs and symptoms of cancer, encourage them to know what’s normal for them and give them the confidence to speak to their GP with any concerns.

Watch our video on what the Roadshow is all about:

Listen to our Senior Cancer Awareness Nurse Jess talk about her role on the Roadshow


While on the Roadshow you can:

  • Talk to one of our team about how to reduce the risk of cancer, spotting cancer early and the importance of screening for certain types of cancer
  • Have an in-depth and confidential chat with one of our nurses
  • Take home free health information
  • Take a Smokerlyzer® test to measure the carbon monoxide levels in your breath
  • Find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if your weight is within a healthy range
  • Find out about local health services

Many people have told us about the difference that their visit to the Roadshow has made to them.

Trainee electrician, Yasar (37) from Burnley visited the CRUK roadshow when it came to Accrington town centre and got advice on giving up smoking:

“I was going to the gym all the time but got puffed out quickly and I thought it must be the smoking. When I went to the Roadshow the advice I got was so helpful, it was a really big push for me. The person I spoke to tested the amount of carbon monoxide in my breath and gave me tips on quitting smoking. The first two and a half weeks were horrible, but after a month of no smoking it got much easier. Now I’m so much fitter I can do two hours in the gym, non-stop. It was the best decision I ever made in my life.” – Yasar.

DHL Manager Martin Gilmour (53) from Livingston attended the CRUK roadshow when it came to his workplace and was inspired to try and change his life:



This year on the Cancer Awareness Roadshow...

roadshow summary from the annual review

Download this annual summary of the Roadshow

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Cancer Research UK’s Your Cancer Awareness Hubs are a new activity that we launched in September 2016 in indoor community venues in North East England, North West England and Scotland. The Hubs run every fortnight and are manned by experienced cancer awareness nurses.

We’re on hand for people to drop in or book a session with one of our nurses. They can get expert and relevant information and ongoing support to help them take positive steps for their health – whether it be accessing a local stop smoking service, returning a bowel screening kit that they’ve put off doing, or going to see their GP about a health concern.

Our nurses take time to talk about anything that may be getting in the way of taking that crucial next step. They also signpost to relevant local services within the community.

And of course there’s the opportunity for people to come back and let us know how they’re getting on or for further support and signposting.

Pop along and see us, call 0203 469 6999 to book a timeslot or follow us on Twitter to find out more:



Our funding partners have helped us reach tens of thousands of people since the Roadshow started in 2006. Thank you to everyone who’s supported our work.

Ronan Keating and the Marie Keating Foundation

We launched the Roadshow in partnership with Ronan Keating and the Marie Keating Foundation in 2006 and they currently fund our North East England and North West England Roadshow units.

We want to say a big thank you to Ronan, the Keating family and everyone at the Marie Keating Foundation for their continued support over the years.

Thanks to their partnership we’ve helped bring cancer awareness information to more than half a million people.

“My family and I were devastated when my mum died of cancer in 1998. We wanted to do something positive to help people understand more about cancer, so fewer families have to go through what we did. We’re excited to work with Cancer Research UK and be part of something that is making a difference for thousands of people every year.” - Ronan Keating.
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