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Cancer awareness training programme

Talking about cancer can save lives. Cancer Research UK’s cancer awareness training programme, Talk Cancer, will equip you with the skills and confidence to have conversations about cancer and health with people in your community.

The Talk Cancer training will help you to:

  • understand the key messages around cancer awareness
  • talk to people about how they could reduce their risk of getting cancer
  • help people understand the importance of spotting cancer early and the screening programmes available
  • appreciate and address the fears and barriers faced by people when talking about cancer
  • have effective, supportive conversations about cancer and health
  • understand the impact health inequalities can have on cancer outcomes
  • encourage people to take positive action for their health, use local services and see their doctor with any concerns

If you’re able to promote health and wellbeing in your community - whether you’re a healthcare professional, work or volunteer in your community or are in any role where you can discuss health with others - you have the power to make a difference. 

Listening to your group’s needs, we’ll find the best training format to suit you. There are various training formats available, including online and face-to-face cancer awareness workshops.

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Get a free cancer awareness workshop


You can get a free cancer awareness workshop if you are an eligible group. The Talk Cancer programme aims to help reduce health inequalities by making the training accessible to groups who play a pivotal role in reaching people who are at greater risk of developing cancer. There are 40 funded workshops available each year and you can get a free cancer awareness workshop if you can help reach people who need the training the most.

Check your eligibility for a free workshop

Who can benefit from cancer awareness training?

The cancer awareness training programme is for anyone who can promote health and wellbeing as part of their role or within their community. Those who can benefit from our cancer awareness training, include but not limited to:

Community Health workers

GP practice staff


Occupational therapists


Pharmacists and their teams

Faith leaders/groups

Mental Health professionals

Sexual Health professionals


Social workers

Community volunteers

Allied health professionals

Public Health teams

Cancer Champions


Through the training, you can help Cancer Research UK reach communities who are at greater risk of developing cancer and who are less likely to survive the disease, helping to reduce health inequalities and connect with communities who need it the most.

Join the cancer conversation

Interact with fellow cancer champions and grow your confidence to talk about cancer. You can keep your knowledge fresh with regular updates on cancer awareness topics such as reducing cancer risk and the importance of early diagnosis through our Twitter, Facebook Community Group and newsletter.

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