Introducing Cancer Research UK Premium Collect

The interior of the Cancer Research UK shop in Marylebone

Thank you for choosing to donate your precious pre-loved items to us using our new premium collection service.

We're always in need of donations of high quality and designer items, as our life-saving research is entirely funded by generous supporters like you.

With some of our marketplaces reaching an average selling price 60% higher than our shops, this is one of the most valuable ways you can support our work.

Donate your premium pre-loved items to Cancer Research UK

We fund around 50% of all cancer research in the UK. COVID-19 had slowed us down, but we will never stop. We’re working hard to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our life-saving work. Donating to our online marketplace platforms is a hassle-free way you can support us from home.

Our 600 shops are closed, but our marketplaces are still in need of premium, high-end and designer clothes, shoes and accessories. From jackets and dresses, to watches, sunglasses and handbags, even premium kidswear.

If you've been using the extra time at home to declutter your family's wardrobes, we can help. Simply complete the online form below to book your free collection and we'll do the rest!

All the money raised from the sale of your donations will help fund life-saving cancer research.

Together we will beat cancer.

Want to know more?

From how to package your donation, to how your support makes a difference, we've answered some questions here.