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As the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research, we're uniquely placed to improve survival. Give a philanthropic gift and be part of our next leap forward.

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For the past 100 years, we’ve been at the heart of major breakthroughs

Our work to uncover cancer causes led to some of the earliest studies into risk factors. We laid the foundations for modern radiotherapy. And we helped develop 8 of the world’s top 10 cancer drugs. Visionary philanthropists have played a huge part in all of this success, and much more. 

Today, we support more than 4,000 researchers, doctors and nurses. And we partner with more than 80 organisations all over the world. No one else has the scale, independence and influence to shape the global cancer agenda in the way we do. What's more, our rigorous research selection process, expertise in the funding system and robust project governance means we can provide philanthropists with a unique opportunity to help drive radical change.